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 Think big to drive new growth, deliver new efficiencies and unlock value 

We offer consulting services with hands-on experience delivering business services to organizations with complex product development initiatives. We have relevant domain expertise and understand your unique requirements. We deliver successful outcomes and expect to exceed your expectations - on-time and within budget constraints.  Our consultant teams provide business and technology strategy and transformation consulting services enabling clients to make major strategic decisions and implement business transformation. We offer a broad scope of services to help clients address the full range of top management issues such as market demand for growth; cost management demands; major business and technology transformation; and global sourcing strategies.  

Agile for Business

Are your struggling to integrate your Agile for project management and software delivery service with your business model? It is important to recognize that without integration between business, technology and project management, your organization will not realize the benefits of business agility and achieve transformational outcomes and sustainable business value.

We can help with your organization transition from Agile Development to Agile Business -- identify the hurdles, understand the greater level of effort required and craft a broader strategic focus and promote transparency and visibility across all work across teams.

Agile & Lean Six Sigma

Our consultants work closely with clients to achieve breakthrough improvements in customer satisfaction, productivity, growth and profitability. Every consulting engagement is facilitated by our strategic partner, Vector International consulting and is customized to align to your business strategy while delivering measurable improvements.

Together, our experienced Agile, Lean and Six Sigma consultants coach, train and mentors key stakeholders and resources in your organization to solve problems, optimize critical processes, and implement controls to ensure improvement and sustainability.

Project Portfolio Management

Our consultants work closely with your project managers and project personnel to build project management competency while ensuring successful execution of projects.  We can assess your current project portfolio management processes and, in collaboration with you, identifies the appropriate level of change required to incorporate a set of disciplines suitable for your organization.  We craft integrated roadmaps and playbooks for driving improvements and work with you to develop the implementation plan.  We apply best practices to your Project Portfolio Management framework to determine your current capability and identify process gaps between your organization’s current state and desired future state. 

Proposal Development

We offer consulting services with hands-on experience delivering business services to organizations with complex product development initiatives. We have relevant domain expertise and understand your unique requirements. 

We deliver successful outcomes and expect to exceed your expectations - on-time and within budget constraints.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Case Development
  • Proposal Development
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Gap Assessments
  • Current and future state roadmaps
  • Benefits Analysis and Cost Models
  • BPM Environmental Footprint

Transformation & Innovation

We believe in hands-on involvement, using highly experienced domain, product and technical experts. We work with our clients to develop enterprise models that proves the best end user experience, aligns with marketing strategies, enables self services to improve productivity and enhance user experience and maintains continuous improvement and sustainability.  

We are ready to support your organization on and offshore as a trusted System Integrator provide expertise in business analysis, development of use cases, installation planning and more with skills business and technical architects, developers, DBA, quality assurance and testing resources.  

Product Innovation

Crafting solutions for product innovation enables organizations to better align their product portfolios to their innovation strategy, and ensure that the right resources are aligned and well positioned to deliver the most innovative, profitable, differentiated products to market, on time and on budget. Engage employees, customers, and partners to generate, prioritize and collaborate on innovative ideas for new products and innovations. 

We provide thought leadership, consulting and integration solutions to help leaders navigate the challenges of improving the quality, reducing cost, enhancing customer experience, improve processes and steer their organizations through ever-challenging business and technology landscapes.

What our customers are saying

Consummate professional -- deadline oriented; independent, collaborative, customer focused strategist; and an innovative perfectionist...

Clinical Programs Manager, CIGNA Pharmacy

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