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Transform good ideas into great products

Designed to help CEOs and executives drive better decisions and "simplify the complex" issues of the day to drive better results.  Meet with a confidential advisory consultant with deep industry expertise from across the competitive landscape. Gain unbiased advice from those who’ve faced and overcome similar challenges.  

Management Consulting

Strategic Advantage is everything to your bottom line. In the quest to do more with less, remember that security and quality is highly recommended as part of your corporate best practices. Have you adopted an Agile SDLC? 

We can assist in developing and implementing lean strategies on-site with our BPM and Lean experts.

We provide thought leadership, consulting and integration solutions to help leaders navigate the challenges of improving the quality, reducing cost, enhancing customer experience, improve processes and steer their organizations through ever-challenging business and technology landscapes.

Transformation & Innovation

We believe in hands-on involvement, using highly experienced domain, product and technical experts. We work with our clients to develop enterprise models that proves the best end user experience, aligns with marketing strategies, enables self services to improve productivity and enhance user experience and maintains continuous improvement and sustainability.

We are ready to support your organization on and offshore as a trusted System Integrator provide expertise in business analysis, development of use cases, installation planning and more with skills business and technical architects, developers, DBA, quality assurance and testing resources.  

Proposal Development

We offer consulting services with hands-on experience delivering business services to organizations with complex product development initiatives. We have relevant domain expertise and understand your unique requirements. We deliver successful outcomes and expect to exceed your expectations - on-time and within budget constraints.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Case Development
  • Proposal Development
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Gap Assessments
  • Current and future state roadmaps
  • Benefits Analysis and Cost Models
  • BPM Environmental Footprint

Strategy & Advisory

Develop business and technology strategy roadmaps, performance improvement applying Lean and Six Sigma, business analytics, process improvement and automation, work and resource management.  Build roadmaps that connect strategy to the investments and outcomes that drive transformation and execution. With an enterprise roadmap, lead transformational change, measure progress, understand impacts from decisions and adjust dynamically.

Portfolio Management

Providing program management and roadmapping expertise to deliver  programs that drive innovation and transformational change.  

Drive strategic planning while balancing against daily operational challenges. Use program management and roadmapping to define top-down timeframes and financials which aligns with bottom-up project forecasts and actuals.  

Product Innovation

Crafting solutions for product innovation enables organizations to better align their product portfolios to their innovation strategy, and ensure that the right resources are aligned and well positioned to deliver the most innovative, profitable, differentiated products to market, on time and on budget. Engage employees, customers, and partners to generate, prioitize and collaborate on innovative ideas for new products and innovations. 

What our customers are saying

Thorney Advisors are articulate, smart, understands the market inside and out and has been a great help to me in launching my latest venture at

Pat Dane, CEO, Trueseal Holdings Inc.

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